What are the Benefits of Organic Makeup?

Let’s face it, for many of us make-up is a non-negotiable. And while we may occasionally think about the chemical nasties that make up our conventional make-up, trying to decipher the many polysyllabic names of ingredients on the back of packaging is just frustrating and confusing. So, here’s a simpler to understand, safer and healthier option for you: organic makeup.

What is organic makeup?

It’s no real mystery—organic makeup is cosmetics made of naturally grown plant materials. Think fruits and vegetables grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, etc. Heard of the healthy goodness provided by organic food? Well, organic makeup is organic food for the skin. And the advantages of organic makeup over conventional makeup are a-plenty!

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It’s healthier…

Here’s an eye-opener for you. All those strangely sounding ingredients on the label of your favourite foundation are not some exotic, magical potions. Most of these ingredients are petroleum-based and contain harsh chemical compounds such as aluminum and lead to

one degree or another. Want petroleum, aluminum and lead on your face day in and day out? Not likely!
It seems like every day brings about another scary report how certain chemicals used in foods and consumer products have been linked to cancer or other debilitating illnesses. With plant-derived products there is no health worry – there are no chemicals used! And did you know that our skin can absorb up to 60 per cent of the cosmetic products we apply? A daily pile-on of synthetically based cosmetics leads to a chemical build up in our bodies. That is definitely not something we would willingly allow, no matter how important our looks are to us, right?

It is gentler…

Chemical compounds can be harsh. If you’ve ever broken out with blemishes or irritation after using a new powder or eyeshadow, you know what I’m talking about. Plant-based organic make-up is much gentler on your skin. And gentler is better, is it not? Your skin is resilient but no match for a chemical onslaught.

It is more effective…

This is cosmetics 101. Our skin — like the rest of our bodies—needs vitamins and minerals to thrive. Plants are a very rich source of all those healthy nutrients. So, it follows that organic cosmetics are often more effective in the care of your skin because they are derived from nutrient-rich organic sources. Simple logic!

It is also so much more…

Ready for a bit of an altruistic motivation for using organic makeup? Probably not, but here it is anyways. Yes, our health, safety and better skin are important to us, but choosing organic makeup can be a tiny but important step to improve the world. Yes, you read it right. Improve the world. And here’s how.

If the state of the environment has been weighing on your mind, then the fact that the main ingredients in most conventional makeup—petroleum, aluminum and lead —are derived through mining which leads to deforestation should be a deal breaker. And if you’re an animal lover, using certified organic products which are often free from animal testing, will make bonding with your faithful pet completely guilt-free.

You can find premium grade organic makeup with Alluring Minerals, the leading brand in natural cosmetics. With a mission to give women better alternatives to the harmful toxins and chemicals present in most makeup, Alluring Minerals lets you be both flawless and healthy.

So, there you are! Organic make-up is not only a healthier, safer, more effective option for your beauty regimen, but it is also THE choice for those of us who are unashamedly calling ourselves “tree-huggers.”