6 Elements of a Natural Skincare Routine

Between daily duties and errands, life can get hectic— but your skincare routine shouldn’t have to be. Whether you’re stuck with morning eye circles or a pale complexion, you can peg down a simple beauty-boosting regimen which takes under ten minutes. So, even if time isn’t on your side, you can still feel fresh-faced and beautiful before heading out the door. Want to know how? Here’s the quick and easy natural skincare routine for babes on the go.

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1. Makeup Remover Goodbye Dirt & Oil!

Despite what you may think, makeup remover isn’t only for wiping away cake-face. It’s also great as an everyday morning pre-cleaner, removing dirt and oil, plus anything else icky that settled as you slept.

A natural remover contains purifying agents like lavender and cypress extracts, which rid the skin of grease and scum. Generic removers, on the other hand, contain aggressive ingredients such as alcohol and other hard-to-pronounce chemicals that severely dry out your skin. By sticking to a natural skincare routine, you’re treating your face to a safe yet effective treatment—win-win ladies!

2. Cleanser for a Deep Clean

Do you wash your face at least twice a day? Hopefully! From am to pm, we’re expose to tons of icky things, from pollution and toxins to germs and sweat, all creating a medley of grossness that lead to premature aging and breakouts.

With a natural cleaner, you can target these skin invaders head-on! Try the Purifying Enzyme Cleanser by Alluring Minerals. This organic cleanser gently foams to thoroughly purify and exfoliate the skin. With a luxurious combo of White Willow Bark, Papaya and Pineapple enzymes, it gently removes dead skin cells, while the lime & juniper essential oils kill off any surface bacteria to help prevent blemishes. It’s a definite keeper!

3. Toner to Seal the Deal

What’s a natural skincare routine without toner? Well, not a very good one. Toner helps balance your skin’s Ph level, while helping to seal pores for smoother-looking skin. It also lets you wipe away any remaining residue left over from your cleanser—kind of like a back-up cleaning crew for your face.

As part of a natural skincare routine, toners are usually made with organic agents such as lemon, apple cider vinegar or witch hazel. They naturally brighten and decongest your skin. Not using it is like going out for ladies’ night without mascara—the entire look is just unfinished. Don’t make that mistake!

4. Youthful Hydration Serum & SPF Mineral Foundation Combo

If your mom hasn’t already told you a million times, we’re saying it now— hydration = youth! Filled with tons of nourishing moisturizing agents, the Youthful Hydration Serum helps plump up your face for a refreshed look. As your next step, add an SPF mineral foundation, perfect for creating an even-looking complexion and protecting your skin from the sun.

On a daily basis, our skin is constantly exposed to harmful UV rays, which as we all know, contributes to wrinkles and a dull complexion. Boo! To fight back, SPF creates a protective barrier around the skin, preventing it from the harmful effects of the sun. This way, you never have to worry about getting nature’s ultimate slap to the face. Yes, SPF has got you covered, literally!

5. Treat Special Skin Concerns

For some, a natural skincare routine needs to be more high-maintenance. When you’re dealing with issues like acne or skin dullness, you need some more weapons in your beauty bag.

To treat dark spots and scars, try the Alluring Minerals Vitamin C Brightening which is infused with a rich blend of licorice and other natural extracts to illuminate your complexion.

But if acne is your nemesis, it’s time to fight back with a Natural Blemish treatment. Packed with anti-bacterial essential oils including Australian Tea Tree and Lemon Myrtle, this treatment will help keep your skin smooth and clear. Goodbye acne, hello beautiful!

6. Moisturizer

Like water for your body, moisturizer nourishes your complexion. Helping to smooth out fine lines and improve skin texture, it’s one of those must-have steps we can’t live without. In a natural skincare routine, moisturizers often contain organic oils, extracted from sources such as grapeseed and hemp to revitalize and hydrate your face. So, always say “yes” to moisturiser—with second helpings in the evening for the best beauty sleep.