5 Reasons Why Mineral Makeup is Better for your Skin
November 11, 2016
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Natural Makeup Looks for Winter

The winter offers a refreshing change of pace. It’s a time to experiment with new looks and if you’re a die-hard makeup buff, it’s a chance to update your beauty bag! This season, makeup is all about skin that’s fresh and dewy with fun bursts of color. So, if your makeup stash is filled with heavy bronzers and powders, it’s time to opt for a lighter, more sensual style, natural makeup.

Here are some gorgeous natural makeup looks for winter 2016.

The fresh-faced look

Kendall Jenner is the “It Girl” of natural makeup. Known for her flawless skin and healthy glow, she’s an inspiring trend-setter in the beauty industry. To achieve this effect, you’ll want to start with a clean base. Start by applying a primer and then blend mineral foundation over your face with a kabuki brush. The fluffy bristles will give you an air-brushed finish for a more natural result.

Next, you can add a boost of radiance to your skin with light-reflecting products such as the Illuminate Cream. Its beautiful sheen creates a veil of luminosity that livens up your entire face. To complete the look, you will design your brows and add two coats of mascara—your eyes will pop!

Blue Eye Shadow

As seen on the runways this season at the Chanel and Armani show, blue eye shadow is making huge waves.  Perfect for evening natural makeup, a touch of blue eye shadow gives you a more high-fashion appeal. Alluring Minerals features a stunning shade in Blue moon, a mineral eye shadow, made with intense pigments.  Apply this shade over your entire lid or extend the color outward beyond the corners of your eye to create a cat-eye effect… Meow!

Soft Pastel Shimmer

Natural pastel eye shadow is another hot trend this Winter. So, whether you’re a hardcore makeup diva or a bare-face beauty, shimmer shadows will be everyone’s go-to!

Alluring Minerals designs a royal version in Pink Goddess that’s stunning for all occasions. This mineral eye shadow has bold color and a soft texture for a high-quality professional finish. You can use it as a blush or over lip gloss to create a bright, playful radiance. As extra oomph, you can add shimmer shadow to the inner corners of your eyes– its sparkle will make your peepers twinkle!


Full Brows

As beauty icons like Cara Delevinge show us, brows have become the backbone of cosmetics. Basically, you can consider them the new lipstick! From bushy and vogue to sharp and bombshell, everyone’s experimenting with their brows. To find your shape, you can play around with different angles and thicknesses to create your most natural makeup look.

Once you’ve established your shape, you can use brow powder or wax to fill in your brow. Brow Dust by Alluring Minerals helps you design natural looking brows to give more definition to your face.  Simply apply the brow dust, wet or dry, to your brows using gentle strokes until you achieve the desired result.



With all these natural makeup looks for winter, you’ll have a whole new hoard of tips and tricks in your arsenal. Just remember to keep it simple and light—less is truly more for this season—embrace it!