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Makeup Looks for Summer (w/ Mineral Makeup)

Nothing says summer like a hot new makeup look. Like any self-respecting beauty junkie, a new season means a fresh change, along with the best mineral makeup you can find. Perhaps you’ve been craving a new eye style or a bombshell lip color to match your bronzed tan . So, check out this fresh batch of makeup inspiration to send your creativity soaring.

Pearly Eyes & Full Brows

Leave it to Kendall to give us lesson on high-fashion brow. Full and daring, brows give our face more definition, helping to frame our eyes, while also making us appear more youthful.You can intesify the look by adding a radiant, shimmering shadow to perk up your peepers. And as we all know, summer is the perfect time to shine!

To live this Kendall moment, you’ll want to tidy up your brows by brushing and filling them, building on your natural shape as you go. Finish with a pearlescent shadow over the lid and brow bone, creating a fresh result that’ll make your face pop– now come on summer romance!

Cool Bronzed Babe

Get your glow on with beautiful beach-themed makeup. Capture the sunset on your skin with natural bronzer, the best in mineral makeup. Sweep it across your nose, temples and cheeks to create a healthy, sun-kissed effect. Then, layer a warm blush over the apples of your cheeks to enhance your adorable sand n’ sun vibe.

You can punch up this look by adding a gold shadow to your eyes. Dust it all over your lids and the inner corners of your eye, drawing light to your stare in a dreamy, luminous way. Finish off with a champagne highlighter over your cheekbones for an overall glistening look. Wowzers! Who needs sunshine when you’re shining from within?

The Statement Lip

If you’re a proud owner of a kissable pucker, juice that baby up with gorgeous color! Go bold and daring with a bright berry lipstick, making a chic statement that will effortlessly turn heads.

When making your lips the central focus of your look, you’ll want to play down your eyes. It’s a general rule of thumb that basically keeps you from overdoing it. After all, you still want to show some of your natural self, right? We suggest you use a nude shadow and a little mascara, keeping the approach fresh but not overbearing.

Once you’re done, make a point of taking those yummy lips to your favorite patio. Pull up a chair with your fabulous lady flock and start your rounds of Sangrias– just don’t forget to reapply in between pics!

Barely-there makeup

What’s summer beauty without a natural side? When you’re tanned and smiling, it’s easy to get away with minimal makeup with your confidence still in check. Perfect for the boho babe, a clean barely-there makeup look is your calling.

To appear perky and awake, choose the best mineral makeup foundation to create the appearance of smooth, flawless skin. Add some sexy terracotta shadow to give your eyes more depth and colour. Finish up with brown mascara and a little brow grooming— if done well enough, you could convincingly claim you woke up like that…

Try any of these trendy makeup ideas to strut into summer like a smokeshow. There’s no better mood-enhancer than the best mineral makeup at your disposal. So, jump into some vibrant new colors and get creative–happy primping ladies!

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